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  To find out about your recent test results you can either come in to the surgery
  to speak  to a member of the reception team or phone us. It is worth noting however,
  it may be more difficult to do this earlier in the morning due to the volume
  of  phonecalls we tend to receive at this time.

  Blood tests
  After having your blood taken the person taking your blood (either phlebotomist or
  doctor) will tell you how long to wait before the results will be back. Most routine
  blood tests are often back within around 3 days. Some less common blood tests
  can take up to 6 weeks to come back. It is still worthwhile to call us every so often
   to enquire about these in case they come in early. 

  Urine tests
  Red topped bottles
  Your doctor may ask you to hand in a urine sample using a red topped bottle.
  These are used to test for any sign of infection and must be sent to the lab to do so.
  These results are usually back within around 3 days. Your doctor may contact you
  before this to inform you there is an infection. It is still important for you to get in
  touch with us to confirm whether you have an infection or not.

  White topped bottles

  White topped bottles can be used for various reasons. In most cases they are
  tested within the practice and results are usually available in the afternoon the
   following day

  If you are attending one of the clinics within the practice, including the diabetic or
  kidney disease clinic, your sample will have to be sent to the lab for testing.
  Please allow around 4 days for these results to be available.

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