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   Important information about ordering repeat medications

   PLEASE DO NOT STOCKPILE YOUR MEDICINES!  We need enough to go round.
   At the present time we are trying to minimise visits to the surgery to reduce
   spread of infection, so we are asking you to avoid either ordering or
   collecting prescriptions at reception. You can order by phone (01324 822382),
   but as our phones are currently extremely busy the best way is online via 
   Patient Access.

  This allows you to select items from your repeat medications without having to
   type them in. If not already registered, y
ou will need a registration form for
   this service which we are happy to email back to you.

   email address for ordering prescriptions or to request a Patient Access form:

For the duration of the emergency we will also accept prescription requests via
   this email address. You must provide the patient's name and date of birth
  as well as the items required and the pharmacy where you would like to collect
  your medication.

  Please note that this mailbox cannot be used for any other communications.
 Once again, please avoid attending the practice unless it is absolutely necessary.
 Thank you for your cooperation.










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